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Goodpaster 2014 Diabetes
Additional label Commentary  +
Diseases Diabetes  + , Obesity  +
Has abstract Skeletal muscle insulin resistance (IR) is
Skeletal muscle insulin resistance (IR) is inextricably linked with the etiology of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and is a key target for prevention and treatment strategies. IR likely has many mechanistic origins, but the primary causes remain elusive, particularly in humans. Of the many possible mediators of IR, a considerable body of work has debated the potential roles of mitochondria (1–3), lipid oversupply (i.e., “lipotoxicity”) (4,5), and the association between mitochondria, fatty acid metabolism, and intramyocellular lipid accumulation—the subject of this article. Indeed, substantial evidence exists to both support and refute a role for mitochondria in skeletal muscle insulin resistance (6,7). ...
etal muscle insulin resistance (6,7). ...  +
Has info [ PMID:25060892]  +
Has title Goodpaster BH, Coen PM (2014) Improved mitochondrial function is linked with improved insulin sensitivity through reductions in FFA. Diabetes 63:2611-2.  +
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Was published by MiPNetLab US FL Orlando Goodpaster BH +
Was published in journal Diabetes +
Was published in year 2014  +
Was written by Goodpaster BH + , Coen PM +
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