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Renner-Sattler 2010 Mitochondr Physiol Network MiP2010
Additional label ORO  + , 2010  +
Has abstract [[File:MitoGlobal by Odra Noel.jpg|right|1
[[File:MitoGlobal by Odra Noel.jpg|right|120px|MiPArt by Odra Noel]] '''7th MiP''conference'' MiP2010''' Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria - 27. Sep to 1. Oct 2010 MiP2010 is organized and supported as a FEBS workshop '''Mitochondrial Physiology. The Many Functions of the Organism in Our Cells''', as acontinuation of a series of events focusing on mitochondrial physiology in health and disease. Mitochondrial research has recently undergone a dramatic renaissance, due to numerous discoveries revealing its central role in cell death, disease pathology, aging, thermogenesis, oxidative stress, cell signalling, cellular regulation and cell bioenergetics. Mitochondria are studied frequently as isolated organelles, thus the current developments strongly ask for a more integrative approach in this methodologically and conceptually complex field, and this integrative and functionally oriented perspective is the topic of mitochondrial physiology. The aim of the workshop is to bring experts together working on mitochondrial physiology in different fields, covering aspects from basic science to clinically orientation. This workshop on mitochondrial physiology spans from the molecular level to the interactions within the cell, to organ systems, and to organismic complexity. In addition to the latest scientific findings, new methodological developments in measuring mitochondrial function and dysfunction are presented. ©2010 The [[Mitochondrial Physiology Society]]. All copyrights remain with the authors, permitting unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original authors and source are credited. ISBN 978-3-9502399-4-2 Printed in Austria - Steiger Druck GmbH, Axams, Austria -
H, Axams, Austria -  +
Has publicationkeywords MiP  +
Has title [[Image:MiPsocietyLOGO.JPG|right|120px|lin
[[Image:MiPsocietyLOGO.JPG|right|120px|link=|MiPsociety]] Renner-Sattler K, Gnaiger E, eds (2010) Mitochondrial physiology. The many functions of the organism in our cells. Mitochondr Physiol Network 15.6:128 pp. ISBN 978-3-9502399-4-2
etwork 15.6:128 pp. ISBN 978-3-9502399-4-2  +
Instrument and method Oxygraph-2k  +
MiP area Respiration  + , Comparative MiP;environmental MiP  + , Exercise physiology;nutrition;life style  +
Was published by MiPNetLab AT Innsbruck Oroboros + , AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E + , DE Regensburg Renner-Sattler K +
Was published in journal MiPNet +
Was published in year 2010  +
Was written by Renner-Sattler K + , Gnaiger E +
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Renner-Sattler 2010 Mitochondr Physiol Network MiP2010  +
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