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Stefan N, Birkenfeld AL, Schulze MB, Ludwig DS (2020) Obesity and impaired metabolic health in patients with COVID-19. Nat Rev Endocrinol 2020:1‐2 [published online ahead of print, 2020 Apr 23].

Β» PMID: 32327737 Open Access]

Stefan N, Birkenfeld AL, Schulze MB, Ludwig DS (2020) Nat Rev Endocrinol

Abstract: Preliminary data suggest that people with obesity are at increased risk of severe COVID-19. However, as data on metabolic parameters (such as BMI and levels of glucose and insulin) in patients with COVID-19 are scarce, increased reporting is needed to improve our understanding of COVID-19 and the care of affected patients.

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Selected quotes

  • A descriptive study of a small sample of 24 (63 % were men) critically ill patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in the Seattle region was among the first to report BMI data (3 patients with a BMI in the normal category, 7 with overweight, 13 with obesity and 1 with missing data). Although the numbers are too small for meaningful statistical analyses, 85 % of the patients with obesity required mechanical ventilation and 62 % of the

patients with obesity died. These proportions are greater than those in the patients without obesity, in which 64 % required mechanical ventilation and 36 % died 4.

  • Among 4,103 patients with COVID-19 at an academic health system in New York City, BMI >40 kg/m2 was the second strongest independent predictor of hospitalization, after old age 7.

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