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Talk:EBEC2024 Innsbruck AT

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In preparation

EBEC 2024 Sessions

  • Wandering in the garden of memories on bioenergetics (Angelo Azzi)
  • Redox regulation (Anthony Moore)
  • Teaching bioenergetics
  • Interactions between mitochondria and chloroplasts
  • Bioenergetics and quantum physics - 80 years after Erwin Schrödingers book 'What is Life?'

Austrian Bioenergetics Group

2020-01-09: Invitation to join the Austrian Bioenergetics Group
EBEC2024 - the 22nd European Bioenergetics Conference will be held in Innsbruck (2024, Aug 12-17). We would like to bring together Austrian experts in bioenergetics for joining the EBEC2024 National Scientific Committee. This provides an excellent opportunity to establish an Austrian Bioenergetics Group towards and beyond EBEC2024.
As the local organizer of EBEC2024, it is my pleasure to invite you for participation and collaboration to make EBEC2024 in Austria an internationally outstanding success.
EBEC2022 will be held in France.
The first meeting to establish the Austrian Bioenergetics Group was planned to take place in Vienna in 2020 - Bioenergetics Vienna 2020 - but had to be cancelled due to COVID19.
Your ideas and input are welcome. I am looking forward to hearing from you,
FLYER-BEC 2022.jpg