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Talk:Graph options - DatLab

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Talk:Graph options - DatLab

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O2k-Open Support

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Several display options can be applied to a DatLab graph under Graph options.

DatLab 8

Under construction Spitzer Gudrun (talk) 10:52, 11 February 2022 (CET)

The 'Graph options'-window is accessible via 'Graph' in the top menu bar, via pressing F5 or via 'Show plot options' DL8 graph option symbols options.png of the graph control buttons DL8 graph option symbols small.png.

Protocols menu
Side panel
Select the graph to be modified
Top line (1)
Select what is shown in the graph: marks, events, notification events, legend
Add or delete graphs with the buttons on the right hand side
Scaling section (2)
Set the scaling and labeling of the axes.
When 'Fix range' is activated, either minimum or maximum can be set, the other value will adjust accordingly
Apply scaling(s) (3)
The scaling of one or several axes can be applied to the other graphs
Plots (4)
Select the data displayed in the graph and a color for each data set.
'Add plot' allows for display of several data sets in one graph.
For example, whereas Graph 1 displays O2 concentration and O2 flux per vol of Chamber A per default, it may as well display O2 concentration and O2 flux per vol of Chamber B synchronously.

DL8 graph options multiple plots.png

DatLab 7

Graph options.png

Graph options

  • Show legend: Lists the quantities plotted on each Y-axis. Show legend is changed to option "off" with a left mouse click. In this setting plot names are not shown in the legend.
  • Show gridlines: Provides an option to show or hide vertical and horizontal gridlines.
  • Show marks [on/off]: Optionally shows or hides marks in all graphs, without deleting the marks.
  • Show events [on/off]: Enables the user to hide events for all graphs without deleting the events.
  • Font: Provides options for changing font size and style of axes labels and numbers.
  • Event line style: Allows modification of event line styles.
  • Show Oroboros icon in clipboard files [on/off]: Option of displaying the Oroboros icon in graphs when copying them to another file.
  • Show seconds on time axis: An option for displaying seconds on the time axis labels.

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