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DatLab 7.3 Innovations Summary - new features

  • Calibration and flux analysis – simplified for O2k-FluoRespirometer channels and add-on O2k-Modules.
  • DatLab Protocols: Both (1) instrumental protocols for quality control and (2) experimental substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor (SUIT) protocols guide the user step-by-step through the experiment, with programmed Events (titrations) and Marks (sections of the experiment for statistical analysis).
  • Browse DL-Protocols and templates: In a library of standardized protocols, each SUIT protocol is explained by an application example and supported by a template for data analysis.
  • Lower O2 limit: Respiration becomes oxygen dependent below a critical oxygen concentration. An automatic warning alerts the user to avoid hypoxia.
  • Graphs: Standard graph layouts can be selected, adjusted, and saved as User-defined layouts, to view O2k-MultiSensor experiments and export graphs for publication. Titration-induced peaks and spikes can be deleted.
  • Mark statistics: New statistical features are available for numerical display of results from DL-Protocol Marks and user-defined marks: median, average, SD, outlier index. These data can be exported for further analysis.

For more information: MiPNet21.16_DatLab_7_Innovations