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MitoEAGLE today

        • 2017-04-21
1. Mitochondrial respiratory control: a conceptual perspective on coupling states.
A manuscript on MitoEAGLE recommendations in preparation. We invite additional members to join the MitoEAGLE Terminology Committee to secure a wide scope of the review:
» Work in progress on 'Mitochondrial respiratory control: MitoEAGLE recommendations' - The protonmotive force and respiratory control
2. Minutes of MitoEAGLE meeting Barcelona March 2017
We are pleased to send you the minutes of the Barcelona meeting:
» MitoEAGLE_Barcelona_2017#Minutes_MitoEAGLE_Barcelona_2017
3. Training School Obergurgl (AT): 2017 July 23-30
The MitoEAGLE Training School is organized in collaboration with the MiPsociety » MiPschool Obergurgl 2017
» Preliminary programme
» Early Career Investigators and students - prepare your abstracts
» 42 MitoEAGLE scholarships and more

        • 2017-04-04 - MitoEAGLE mentors
  • To be listed as a mentor, please contact: [email protected]
  • List of members and mentors: MitoEAGLE network
  • Members of the MitoEAGLE management committee who are not ECIs are suggested to be ‘Mentors’. We hope to have included everyone correctly.
We ask globally for confirmation. If you disagree with being listed please contact: [email protected]

2. MiPschool Obergurgl 2017
» Preliminary programme - we invite input and comments.
» Early Career Investigators and students - prepare your abstracts
» 42 MitoEAGLE scholarships and more

  • Respiratory states - First steps were taken at the MitoEAGLE Verona meeting (Nov 2016) towards a consensus paper, starting with the topic of respiratory states: » MitoEAGLE: Respiratory states - We invite contributions and critical comments.

        • 2017-02-20 - WG1 - towards unification of concepts and nomenclature
  • Electron transfer pathway in MitoPedia: The mitochondrial Electron transfer pathway (ETS) transfers electrons from externally supplied reduced fuel substrates to oxygen. Based on this experimentally oriented definition (see ET capacity), the ETS consists of (1) the membrane-bound ETS with respiratory complexes located in the inner mt-membrane, (2) TCA cycle and other mt-matrix dehydrogenases generating NADH and succinate, and (3) the transport systems involved in metabolite exchange across the mt-membranes.
  • This definition in mitochondrial physiology differs from that in classical bioenergetics. You may not agree and your input to the discussion is welcome. Please consider: (i) How do you measure ET capacity? (ii) How do you link measurement and concept of ET capacity? Then define ETS.
  • More details: »some pages related to ETS.

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