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Work in progress

Experimental design

  • Experimental design: Insert a link to the project/manuscript page, where the rationale of the experiment (or experimental series) is summarized. Explain the burning question. Define the working hypothesis to predict the result.
  • Restructuring: It is not possible to book an O2k without proper documentation of the experimental design. If there is any doubt about the 'proper experimental design', a project meeting is to be organized in advance, to discuss the proposed and documented experimental details. Links to currently funded projects are generally helpful, and the rationale should be expanded on the relevant project/manuscript page.
  • A brief summary of the information obtained by a previous experiment is an important (or necessary) basis for the design of the next experiment. The summary has to be entered into the relevant project/manuscript page. An exception is only a time-series of experiments with a time-stamped, statistically planned and rigorously documented experimental protocol.
  • Please, enter here your further throughts, suggestions or questions, and confirm that you have been properly informed about our specific 'restructuring' which applies to both MitoFit labs (ORO and DSL).
** ~ Gnaigere (talk) 08:23, 22 May 2017 (CEST)

Keywords - definitions to be considered

  1. MitoFit data repository - MitoFit data bank
  2. MitoFit team
    1. MitoFit moderator
    2. MitoFit accreditation panel

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