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Talk:O2k-Titration Set

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Talk:O2k-Titration Set


Description The O2k-Titration Set consists of 6x 10 µl, 6x 25 µl, and 2x 50 µl Hamilton glass syringes, and 3 spare plungers for the 10 µl syringes. It is a basic HRR-Accessory included in the O2k-Core Unit.
Product ID 20820-01
Type O2k, O2k-Module, O2k-Core, Microsyringe, Catalogue
Link MiPNet09.12 O2k-Titrations, MiPNet19.14 SOP Hamilton microsyringes
Hamilton Syringes for Manual Titration.jpg

The O2k-Titration Set consists of

6 Microsyringe\10 mm3 51/0.13 mm 10 mm3
6 Microsyringe\25 mm3 51/0.15 mm 25 mm3
2 Microsyringe\50 mm3 51/0.15 mm 50 mm3
3 Plunger\10 mm3 for 10 mm3 syringe

Previous Product ID 44000-01

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