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Β» Artefacts by single dose uncoupling
Β» ATP synthase
Β» Coupling-control protocol
Β» Dyscoupled respiration
Β» Is respiration uncoupled - noncoupled - dyscoupled?
Β» Noncoupled respiration: Discussion
Β» Uncoupler
Β» Uncoupled respiration - see Β» Noncoupled respiration
Β» Uncoupling proteins
Β» Uncoupling protein 1
Β» Uncoupler titrations - Optimum uncoupler concentration
Respiratory states and control ratios
Β» Biochemical coupling efficiency
Β» Coupling-control state
Β» Electron-transfer-pathway state
Β» Electron-transfer pathway
E.jpg ET capacity
Β» E-L coupling efficiency
Β» Flux control efficiency
Β» Flux control ratio
Β» LEAK-control ratio
Β» LEAK respiration
Β» Noncoupled respiration
Β» OXPHOS capacity; Β» State 3
Β» OXPHOS-control ratio, P/E ratio
Β» Respiratory acceptor control ratio
Β» ROUTINE-control ratio
Β» ROUTINE respiration
Β» ROUTINE state
Β» State 3u
Β» State 4
Β» Uncoupling-control ratio UCR
General (alphabetical order)
Β» Adenine nucleotide translocase
Β» Adenylates
Β» Electron transfer pathway
Β» Mitochondrial preparations
Β» mt-membrane potential
Β» Oxygen flux
Β» Phosphorylation system
Β» Proton leak
Β» Proton slip
Β» TIP2k
Other keyword lists
Β» Template:Keywords: Force and membrane potential

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