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Mukhanov 2006 Thermochim  »O2k-briefMukhanov VS, Kemp RB (2006) Simultaneous photocalorimetric and oxygen polarographic measurements on Dunaliella maritima cells reveal a thermal discrepancy that could be due to nonphotochemical quenching. Thermochim Acta 446:11-9.2006
Kemp 2000 Thermochim Acta (Vol 355)Kemp RB (2000) "Fire burn and cauldron bubble" (W. Shakespeare): what the calorimetric-respirometric (CR) ratio does for our understanding of cells? Thermochim Acta 355:115-24.2000
Kemp 2000 Thermochim Acta (Vol 349)Kemp RB, Guan YH (2000) The application of heat flux measurements to improve the growth of mammalian cells in culture. Thermochim Acta 349: 23-30.2000
Gurakan 1990 Thermochim ActasciencedirectGurakan T, Marison IW, von Stockar U, Gustafsson L, Gnaiger E (1990) Proposals for a standardized sample handling procedure for the determination of elemental composition and enthalpy of combustion of biological material. Thermochim Acta 172:251-66.1990
Gnaiger 1990 Thermochim ActaThermochim ActaGnaiger E (1990) Concepts on efficiency in biological calorimetry and metabolic flux control. Thermochim Acta 172:31-52.1990
Doeller 1990 Thermochim ActaBioblast pdfDoeller JE, Kraus DW, Gnaiger E, Shick JM (1990) Calorespirometry and spectrophotometry of the ciliated gill of the marine mussel Mytilus edulis. Thermochim Acta 172:171-8.1990
Gnaiger 1989 Thermochim ActaThermochim ActaGnaiger E (1989) Physiological calorimetry: heat flux, metabolic flux, entropy and power. Thermochim Acta 151:23-34.1989
Gnaiger 1981 Thermochim ActaThermochim ActaGnaiger E (1981) Pharmacological application of animal calorimetry. Thermochim Acta 49:75-85.1981
Kaufmann 1981 Thermochim ActasciencedirectKaufmann R, Gnaiger E (1981) Optimization of calorimetric systems: continuous control of baseline stability by monitoring thermostat temperatures. Thermochim Acta 49:75-85.1981
Gnaiger 1980 Thermochim ActasciencedirectGnaiger E (1980) Das kalorische Äquivalent des ATP-Umsatzes im aeroben und anoxischen Metabolismus. Thermochim Acta 40:195-223.1980