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Thompson 2006 Pure Appl Chem

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Thompson M, Ellison SLR, Wood R (2006) The international harmonized protocol for the proficiency testing of analytical chemistry laboratories. Pure Appl Chem 78(1):145-196.

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Thompson M, Ellison SLR, Wood R (2006) Pure Appl Chem

Abstract: The international standardizing organizations—AOAC International, ISO, and IUPAC—cooperated to produce the International Harmonized Protocol for the Proficiency Testing of (Chemical) Analytical Laboratories. The Working Group that produced the protocol agreed to revise that Protocol in the light of recent developments and the experience gained since it was first published. This revision has been prepared and agreed upon in the light of comments received following open consultation. Keywords: harmonized; IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Division; uncertainty; analysis; proficiency testing; protocol Bioblast editor: Iglesias-Gonzalez J

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  • Iglesias-Gonzalez et al (2021) Proficiency test in mt-respiration: A necessary tool for reliable and reproducible results. MitoFit Preprints 2021 (in prep).


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