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Winkler-Stuck K, Kirches E, Mawrin C, Dietzmann K, Lins H, Wallesch CW, Kunz WS, Wiedemann FR (2005) Re-evaluation of the dysfunction of mitochondrial respiratory chain in skeletal muscle of patients with Parkinson's disease. J Neural Transm 112:499-518.

» PMID: 15340872

Winkler-Stuck K, Kirches E, Mawrin C, Dietzmann K, Lins H, Wallesch CW, Kunz WS, Wiedemann FR (2005) J Neural Transm

Abstract: The origin and tissue distribution of the mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinsonrsquos disease (PD) remains still a matter of controversy. To re-evaluate a probably free radical-born, generalized mitochondrial impairment in PD, we applied optimized enzymatic assays, high resolution oxygraphic measurements of permeabilized muscle fibers, and application of metabolic control analysis to skeletal muscle samples of 19 PD patients and 36 age-matched controls. We detected decreased activities of respiratory chain complexes I and IV being accompanied by increased flux control coefficients of complexes I and IV on oxygen consumption of muscle fibers. We further investigated if randomly distributed point mutations in two discrete regions of the mitochondrial DNA are increased in PD muscle, and if they could contribute to the mitochondrial impairment. Our data confirm the previously debated presence of a mild mitochondrial defect in skeletal muscle of patients with PD which is accompanied with an about 1.5 to 2-fold increase of point mutated mtDNA. Keywords: Mitochondria, mitochondrial DNA, Oxidative phosphorylation, Parkinson's disease, Skeletal muscle

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Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways

Gnaiger E (2020) Mitochondrial pathways and respiratory control. An introduction to OXPHOS analysis. 5th ed. Bioenerg Commun 2020.2.

Labels: Pathology: Parkinson's  Stress:Mitochondrial disease  Organism: Human  Tissue;cell: Skeletal muscle  Preparation: Permeabilized tissue  Enzyme: Complex I, Complex IV;cytochrome c oxidase 

Coupling state: OXPHOS 

HRR: Oxygraph-2k 

BEC 2020.2