FEMtech Internship for students

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FEMtech Internship for students

Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

The intership

General information

Support for entering a research career
With the promotion of talent, the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) keeps on promoting equal opportunities and supports women in research and technology.
The project "FEMtech Intership for female students" aims to increase the number of female young scientists in companies and non-university research facilities in the field of science and technology.
Companies play an important role in the encounter of skilled labor force by offering young women an internship.
Therefore research-oriented students receive a valuable insight into the relevant professional experience of applied research and are able to establish valuable contacts.

Project description

Mitochondria play an important role in health and disease. Consequently, the study of the mitochondrial function is curcial for understanding and targeting a specific pathology. However, the interpretation of the mitochondrial physiology is very complex, generating misleading in the literature. In the present project, our goal is to simulate and dedect specific injuries of mitochondria by O2k high-resolution respirometry (HHR). HRR allows the evaluation of mitochondrial function by measuring oxygen consumption in different biological samples.
Substrate-Inhibitor-Uncoupler-Titration (SUIT) protocols can be used in mitochondrial preparations as cardiac tissue homogenate (thom), cardiac permabilized fibers (pfi) and cardiac isolated mitochondria (imt) from mouse C57/BL6 for detecting specific injuries for diagnostic purposes.

Internship job description

During the internship, the student has to:
  • take care of the quality controls of the O2k (sensor service, backgrounds, calibrations...)
  • prepare chemicals, media and buffer for the experiments
  • prepare mitochondrial preparations
  • conduct the experiments with the O2k on her own and be responsible for the evaluation of the collected data.
  • present her results in science meeting and be involved in writing a publication.
  • help in different projects
  • be a tutor at the International Oxygraph Course (IOC) in Schroecken at the end of June 2017.
Yvonne is studying Biotechnology, all the tasls fit perfectly into the content of the study program. This internship offers her to combine her theortical and practical knowledge.

More information

FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Funding Agency
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