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In an isomorphic analysis, any form of flow, I is the advancement of a process per unit of time, expressed in a specific motive unit [MUβˆ™s-1], e.g., ampere for electric flow or current [A≑Cβˆ™s-1], watt for heat flow [W≑Jβˆ™s-1], and for chemical flow the unit is [molβˆ™s-1]. Flow is an extensive quantity. The corresponding isomorphic forces are the partial exergy (Gibbs energy) changes per advancement [Jβˆ™MU-1], expressed in volt for electric force [V≑Jβˆ™C-1], dimensionless for thermal force, and for chemical force the unit is [Jβˆ™mol-1], which deserves a specific acronym ([Jol]) comparable to volt.

Abbreviation: I [MUβˆ™s-1]

Reference: BEC 2020.1, Gnaiger_1993_Pure Appl Chem


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