Functional Mitochondrial Diagnostics

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Functional Mitochondrial Diagnostics


Functional Mitochondrial Diagnostics

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start: 2023-04-01
  • End: 2027-03-31

About Functional Mitochondrial Diagnostics

The Functional Mitochondrial Diagnostics project is a collaboration between VASCage and Oroboros Instruments with the goal to establish in vitro mitochondrial diagnostic standards.
The medical community and society in general are becoming increasingly aware of the central role of mitochondria in pharmacology, diseases, and healthy ageing. Functional mitochondrial diagnostics ('bioenergetic snapshots') reflects the evolutionary-genetic background, age, biological sex, lifestyle, and environmental, pharmacological, and toxicological exposure of a person. However, in contrast to genetic mitochondrial screening ('genomic fingerprints'), functional mitochondrial diagnostics has been largely neglected so far in clinical trials. Diagnostic services remain limited and must be established with a focus on quality and affordability for the support of large- and small-scale projects and pilot studies.


  • Build upon the concept of standardized functional analyses and interpretation of bioenergetic snapshots, which are obtained from substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration protocols in bioenergetics assays with PBMCs interrogating specific mitochondrial functions.
  • Develop a proficiency test to ensure reproducibility.
  • Establish a Mitochondrial Clinical Center for diagnostics together with VASCage as a service for clinical partners, public interest groups, and stakeholders in the healthcare system.




VASCage GmbH – Centre on Clinical Stroke Research -
Oroboros Instruments GmbH -
Medical University Innsbruck, Department of Neurology
  • Michael Knoflach

Oroboros project involvement

Mitochondrial Diagnostics Events

Club17 2024 Innsbruck AT2024-03-21
Standortagentur Tirol
Innsbruck AT, 2024 Mar 21. Club17
Life Sciences Partnering 2023 Innsbruck AT2023-10-19Innsbruck, AT, Oct 19, 2023. Life Sciences Partnering 2023
2nd Workshop on Mitochondrial Functional Diagnostics Innsbruck AT2023-10-16Innsbruck AT, 2023 Oct 16. 2nd Workshop on Mitochondrial Functional Diagnostics
1st Workshop on Mitochondrial Functional Diagnostics Innsbruck AT2023-07-10Innsbruck AT, 2023 Jul 10. 1st Workshop on Mitochondrial Functional Diagnostics

Mitochondrial Diagnostics Publications


News and articles

18 Millionen fΓΌr Schlaganfallforschung, online 2022-12-01


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