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MiP2023 Obergurgl AT

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MiPschool 2023

MiP2023 Obergurgl AT

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Obergurgl AT. 2023 Jul 27-30. 15th MiPconference: Bioenergetics Communications on mitObesity and Healthy Aging. - cover-to-cover following the MiPschool Obergurgl 2023

» Mitochondrial Physiology Society

Mitochondrial Physiology Society (2023-07-27) MitoGlobal

Abstract: MiP2023, Obergurgl, Austria, 2023.


General Information

» and 20 years ago: MiP 2003


Obergurgl venue.jpg
University Center Obergurgl
Gaisbergweg 5
6456 Obergurgl
Tyrol, Austria

Travel info

To guarantee a smooth transport from Innsbruck to Obergurgl, please arrange your arrival time in Innsbruck according to our travel info below.


Register for MiPconference only here or for both MiPevents here.
Early registration deadline: 2023 Apr 30

Abstract submission

Abstracts accepted until event is full.
Submissions of original contributions on mitObesity and Healthy Aging MiP2023 conference are welcomed.
Abstracts up to 250 words with DOI of collected abstracts, which may be extended to full BEC articles.
» Guidelines and submission portal

Local organizers


The topic of the 15th MiPconference is: Bioenergetics Communications on mitObesity and Healthy Aging.
Furthermore, the General Assembly of the MiPsociety will take place during the conference.
A meeting with the BEC editorial board will take place.


Programme at a glance 2023.PNG

Social event

We are happy to announce that the 'Trachtengruppe Umhausen' (translated: Folk group Umhausen) will perform traditional Tyrolean dance at its best.

Trachtengruppe Umhausen 1.jpeg Trachtengruppe Umhausen 2.jpeg

Oral presentations

Last update: 2023-03-17 - check for regular updates
Votion 2023 MiP2023
Votion Dominique-Marie
Serum acylcarnitines profile for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring therapeutic intervention in equine atypical myopathy.
Gross 2023 MiP2023
Gross Atan
M(a)TCH2-ing up metabolism and apoptosis at the MOMbrane.
Axelrod 2023 MiP2023
Axelrod Christopher L
Skeletal muscle mitochondrial dynamics in obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Kayser 2023 MiP2023
Kayser Bengt
Obesity and hypoxia: from etiology to therapy.
Chicco 2023 MiP2023
Chicco Adam J
Delta-6 desaturase inhibition reverses aberrant cardiolipin remodeling and mitochondrial dysfunction in the obese mouse heart.
Gnaiger 2023 MiP2023
Erich Gnaiger
From globesity to mitObesity.
Garcia-Roves 2023 MiP2023
Garcia-Roves Pablo Miguel
Remission of obesity and insulin resistance. Is that enough?
Holloway 2023 MiP2023
Holloway Graham P
Mitochondrial bioenergetics as a nexus-point for the beneficial effects of nitrate in diverse tissues.
Kopecky 2023 MiP2023
Kopecky Jan
Major site of non-shivering thermogenesis: brown fat or skeletal muscle?
Larsen 2023 MiP2023
Larsen Steen
Mitochondrial adaptations to weight loss – lifestyle, surgery or medication.
Molina 2023 MiP2023
Molina Anthony JA
Targeting exercise intolerance in older, obese, heart failure patients.
Pesta 2023 MiP2023
Dominik Pesta
Respiratory capacity of skeletal muscle and peripheral blood mononuclear cells of male and female individuals with type 2 diabetes.
Roden 2023 MiP2023
Roden Michael
Alterations of mitochondrial function in obesity, fatty liver diseases and diabetes.
Schoenfeld 2023 MiP2023
Schoenfeld Peter
A view on brain's problem with fatty acid burning.
Shirihai 2023 MiP2023
Shirihai Orian
Inhibition of ATP synthase hydrolytic activity restores cellular energy homeostasis in conditions of impaired respiration.
Yardeni 2023 MiP2023
Yardeni Tal
The host immune system and the gut microbiota are regulated by the mitochondrial DNA.

Special Issue
We invite original articles to be published in a special issue of Bioenergetics Communications on ‘mitObesity and Healthy Aging’:
» BEC author guidelines
Oral presentations will be preferentially selected from MitoFit Preprints/BEC contributions.
- Submit manuscripts by June 30th via submission portal

MIP announcement postcard 2023 digital-001.png
MIP announcement postcard 2023.jpg


Last update: 2023-03-17 - check for regular updates

Participants - alphabetical order


Abstracts in review

Alan 2023 MiP2023
Alan Lukas
Dynamic complexomic analysis reveals a role for Von Willebrand Domain-containing Protein 8 (Vwa8) in mitochondrial morphology and substrate preference.
Brunetta 2023 MiP2023
Brunetta Henver Simionato
Chronic aerobic training reverts the negative effects of high-fat high-sucrose diet on the left ventricle of adipocyte-specific DICER knockout mice in association with improved mitochondrial function
Cardoso 2023 MiP2023
Cardoso Luiza HD
Electron transfer from beta-oxidation and TCA cycle and impact of OXPHOS coupling on NADH and coenzyme Q redox states.
Granata 2023 MiP2023
Granata Cesare
Novel mitochondrial respiration protocols reveal organ-specific reliance on ketone body metabolism in mice.
Guerrier 2023 MiP2023
Guerrier Lisa
Human white adipose tissue mitochondrial respiration: effect of body composition
Hand 2023 MiP2023
Hand Steven C
Oxidative stress and repetitive metabolic transitions: Challenges due to lifestyle of invertebrate extremophiles.
Keller 2023 MiP2023
Keller Markus A
Exploring the influence of the lipid environment on mitochondrial membrane structure and function.
Kolonics 2023 MiP2023
Kolonics Attila
Accelerated epigenetic changes may contribute to the development of metabolic syndrome revealed by NADH FLIM.
Vujacic-Mirski 2023 MiP2023
Vujacic-Mirski Ksenija
Bioenergetics health index and parameters of mitochondrial respiration in relatively healthy individuals. Insight in mitochondrial respiration for diagnosis and future targeted treatments.
Sobotka 2023 MiP2023
Sobotka Lubos
Macronutrients energy metabolism and obesity.
Mahapatra 2023 MiP2023
Mahapatra Gargi
Platelet bioenergetics reveals distinct systemic bioenergetic capacities associated with insulin sensitivity in older adults.
Owesny 2023 MiP2023
Owesny Patricia
Impairment of cardiac function and mitochondrial energy metabolism through diet induced obesity in aging.
Petrick 2023 MiP2023
Petrick Heather L
Age- and sex-related differences in mitochondrial ADP sensitivity in human skeletal muscle.
Phang 2023 MiP2023
Phang Howard J
Screening marine natural products for bioenergetic effects in human cell models.
Sadler 2023 MiP2023
Sadler Daniel
Early life exercise training counters metabolic perturbations imparted by low parental cardiorespiratory fitness.
Saucedo-Rodriguez 2023 MiP2023
Saucedo Rodriguez Maria Jose
Effect of succinate dehydrogenase deficiency on mitochondrial function.
Stankova 2023 MiP2023
Stankova Pavla
Effect of telmisartan on nutritionally induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice.
Timon-Gomez 2023 MiP2023
Timon-Gomez Alba
Substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration protocol for analyzing carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism
Whitcomb 2023 MiP2023
Whitcomb Luke A
Polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism contributes to age-related impairment of cardiac mitochondrial calcium tolerance.
Wohlfarter 2023 MiP2023
Wohlfarter Yvonne
The Janus-faced nature of HSD10 in cardiolipin biosynthesis and mitochondrial function.
Pytlak 2023 MiP2023
Mitochondrial defect in human bronchial epithelial cells lacking the BKCa channel.
Valencia 2023 MiP2023
T-cell mitochondria exhibit a functional decline with obesity that is aggravated by weight loss.
Gama Perez 2023 MiP2023
Novel approaches to understand the loss of metabolic plasticity in adipose tissue: a comparative analysis of transcriptional changes induced by obesity and aging.

International Committee

MiPsociety and General Assembly 2023

  • The MiPsociety is an international organization, based in Europe and operating world-wide and has become a legal body in 2011 continuing a tradition of rigorous mitochondrial bioenergetics; integrating molecular, cellular and organismic physiology and pathology.
Membership is open to all researchers
» MiPmembership
  • The MiPs General Assembly will take place during the MiPconference 2023. All members are invited to join.


Support for the MiPconference 2023 is acknowledged (alphabetical order):
We invite cooperating scientific societies and institutions to cooperate and support the MiPconference 2023.

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