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 ('''Tianjin , CN''', 2019 Aug 02�. 17th Chinese Biophysics Congress)
  • Histone Deacetylases and Sirtuins in Biology, Disease and Aging  + ('''Timmendorfer Strand DE''', 2015 Aug 16 - 21. Histone Deacetylases and Sirtuins in Biology, Disease and Aging - [ Histone Deacetylases and Sirtuins in Biology, Disease and Aging])
  • 115th International Titisee Conferences Titisee DE  + ('''Titisee DE''', 2017 Mar 29- Apr 02. 115th ITC: Evolutionary mitochondrial biology: molecular, biochemical, and metabolic diversity.)
  • MITO 2017 Toronto CA  + ('''Toronto CA''', 2017 Sep 29-30. MITO2017 Mitochondrial Disease Conference)
  • ESCI 2014  + ('''Utrecht NL''', 2014 Apr 30-May 03. Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation [ ESCI 2014])
  • Gordon Research Conference - Oxygen Radicals  + ('''Ventura, CA, US''', 2014 Feb 09-14. Gordon Research Conference - Oxygen Radicals [ Gordon Research Conference - Oxygen Radicals])
  • MitoEAGLE Verona 2016  + ('''Verona IT''', 2016 Nov 15-17. A roadmap for MitoEAGLE and first steps [[COST Action MitoEAGLE]] [[Image:MITOEAGLE-logo.jpg|right|100px|link=|COST Action MitoEAGLE]])
  • DSL retreat Innsbruck AT  + ('''Vill AT''', 2018 Feb 15. Second retreat of the Daniel Swarovski Research Laboratory (DSL).)
  • DSL Retreat 2019 Innsbruck AT  + ('''Vill AT''', 2019 Feb 21. Third retreat of the Daniel Swarovski Research Laboratory (DSL).)
  • Keystone Symposia 2015  + ('''Whistler CA''', 2015 Mar 22-27. Keystone Symposia - Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome: Mitochondria and Energy Expenditure (X7) [ Keystone Symposia 2015])
  • ISOTT 2015  + ('''Wuhan CN''', 2015 Jul 11-16. 43<sup>rd</sup> Annual Meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT) - [ ISOTT 2015])
  • Cardiovascular Metabolic Disease 2015  + ('''Wuhan CN''', 2015 May 23-24. 2nd Annual Conference of the Prevention and Control of Cardiovascular Metabolic Disease.)
  • EMBO 2017 Xian CH  + ('''Xi'an China''', 2017 Jul 02-05. EMBO Workshop - Mitochondrial quality control, [ EMBO Workshop 2017])
  • Nature Conference 2019 Xiamen CN  + ('''Xiamen, CN''', 2019 Apr 08-11. Nature Conference on Cellular Metabolism.)
  • 7th European Phycological Congress 2019 Zagreb HR  + ('''Zagreb, HR''', 2019 Aug 25-30. 7th European Phycological Congress)
  • Mitochondrial Medicine 2019 Zurich CH  + ('''Zurich, CH''', 2019 Jul 3 and 4-5. mitoNET Meeting and Mitochondrial Medicine congress (Germany, Austria, Switzerland))
  • Foriel 2015 Abstract MiP2015  + (''Drosophila'' as a model to study therapeutic approaches for mitochondrial diseases.)
  • Samardzic 2015 Abstract MiPschool London 2015  + (''In vitro'' and ''in vivo'' study of the mitochondria shaping protein Opa1 in cancer.)
  • Gnaiger 2014 Preface MiP2014  + (''MiPArt - Mitchell's equation''.)
  • Manago 2015 Abstract MiPschool London 2015  + (''Pseudomonas aeruginosa'' pyocyanin induces neutrophil death via mitochondrial reactive oxygen species ad mitochondrial acid sphingomyelinase.)
  • Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 2017  + (2017 Sep 17-23. Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week - [ GMDAW 2017])
  • Arago M  + (<br /> [ ORCID ID])
  • Gnaiger 2015 Abstract DrugDiscovery conference 2015  + (A lifestyle drug for mitochondrial fitness – from respiratory mitochondrial diagnosis to therapy.)
  • McManus 2016 Abstract MitoFit Science Camp 2016  + (A multi-tiered mitochondrial approach to predictive biomarkers of neurodegenerative disease.)
  • Taleva 2015 Abstract MiP2015  + (A new look at the bioenergetics of the bloodstream ''Trypanosoma brucei'' mitochondrion.)
  • Hill 2015 Abstract MiPschool London 2015  + (A novel inhibitor of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore is beneficial in an experimental model of multiple sclerosis.)
  • Serafini 2016 Abstract Mito Xmas Meeting Innsbruck  + (A novel role for the Parkinson’s disease gene LRRK2 as endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria tether identified by a genome wide high content screen.)
  • Neururer 2016 Abstract Mito Xmas Meeting Innsbruck  + (A project to develop a standardized minimum dataset to describe mitochondrial data.)
  • Garcia-Souza 2018 Life Sciences Meeting 2018 Innsbruck AT  + (A respirometric cell viability test for peripheral-blood mononuclear cells and platelets.)
  • Bezuidenhout 2015 Abstract MiPschool Cape Town 2015  + (A study of the effects of fructose feeding & exercise on SIRT 3 regulation in skeletal muscle.)
  • Karall D  + (A.Univ.-Prof.Dr.)
  • Ukropcova B  + (A/prof, MD, PhD)
  • Schaefer 2016 Abstract ADFLIM 2016  + (ADFLIM in AD research –imaging mitochondrial function in Alzheimer´s disease)
  • Coelho 2015 Abstract Thyroid Cancer  + (AMPK overactivation in BCPAP tumor cells induces cell death through increased reactive oxygen species (ROS).)
  • Abbasi 2018 J R Soc Med  + (Abbasi K (2018) A giant step for science: JRSM welcomes preprints in medical science. J R Soc Med 111:263.)
  • Abdel-Rahman 2016 Oxid Med Cell Longev  + (Abdel-Rahman EA, Mokhtar A, Aaliya A, Radwan Y, Yasseen B, Al-Okda A, Atwa A, Elhanafy E, Habashy M, Ali SS (2016) Resolving contributions of oxygen-consuming and ROS-generating enzymes at the synapse. Oxid Med Cell Longev p19.)
  • Abdelwahab 2018 Oncogene  + (Abdelwahab EMM, Pal S, Kvell K, Sarosi V,
    Abdelwahab EMM, Pal S, Kvell K, Sarosi V, Bai P, Rue R, Krymskaya V, McPhail D, Porter A, Pongracz JE (2018) Mitochondrial dysfunction is a key determinant of the rare disease lymphangioleiomyomatosis and provides a novel therapeutic target. Oncogene 38:3093-3101.
    therapeutic target. Oncogene 38:3093-3101.)
  • Abdill 2019 bioRxiv  + (Abdill RJ, Blekhman R (2019) Tracking the popularity and outcomes of all bioRxiv preprints. bioRxiv
  • Abdurrachim 2014 Biochim Biophys Acta  + (Abdurrachim D, Ciapaite J, Wessels B, Nabb
    Abdurrachim D, Ciapaite J, Wessels B, Nabben M, Luiken JJ, Nicolay K, Prompers JJ (2014) Cardiac diastolic dysfunction in high-fat diet fed mice is associated with lipotoxicity without impairment of cardiac energetics ''in vivo''. Biochim Biophys Acta 1842:1525-37.
    vivo''. Biochim Biophys Acta 1842:1525-37.)
  • Abdurrachim 2017 Cardiovasc Res  + (Abdurrachim D, Nabben M, Hoerr V, Kuhlmann
    Abdurrachim D, Nabben M, Hoerr V, Kuhlmann MT, Bovenkamp P, Ciapaite J, Geraets IME, Coumans W, Luiken JJFP, Glatz JFC, Schäfers M, Nicolay K, Faber C, Hermann S, Prompers JJ (2017) Diabetic db/db mice do not develop heart failure upon pressure overload: a longitudinal ''in vivo'' PET, MRI, and MRS study on cardiac metabolic, structural, and functional adaptations. Cardiovasc Res 113:1148-60.
    l adaptations. Cardiovasc Res 113:1148-60.)
  • Abid 2019 J Clin Transl Sci  + (Abid H, Hart C, Lanza I (2019) Effects of local interleukin-6 on mitochondrial physiology in skeletal muscle. J Clin Transl Sci.)
  • Abou-Hamdan 2015 Methods Enzymol  + (Abou-Hamdan A, Guedouari-Bounihi H, Lenoir V, Andriamihaja M, Blachier F, Bouillaud F (2015) Oxidation of H2S in mammalian cells and mitochondria. Methods Enzymol 554:201-28.)
  • Phillips 2017 Cancer Research  + (Abstract 3548: Hypoxia-induced Cystathionine-β-synthase (CBS) expression: impact on colonic epithelial cells metabolism, proliferation and migration.)
  • Zatarain 2016 Abstract Cancer Research  + (Abstract 4276: Cystathionine-β-synthase overexpression increases cell proliferation, migration, bioenergetics and tumorigenesis in a non-tumorigenic colorectal cancer (CRC) cell line.)
  • Vaka 2017 Hypertension  + (Abstract P265: Placental ischemia causes renal mitochondrial impairment in reduced uterine perfusion pressure rats.)
  • Vrbova 2015 Abstract MiPschool London 2015  + (Acetaminophen conjugate induces mitochondria-related oxidative impairment in HK-2 cells.)
  • Acosta 2015 Obesity (Silver Spring)  + (Acosta A, Camilleri M, Shin A, Vazquez-Roq
    Acosta A, Camilleri M, Shin A, Vazquez-Roque MI, Iturrino J, Lanza IR, Nair KS, Burton D, O'Neill J, Eckert D, Carlson P, Vella A, Zinsmeister AR (2015) Association of UCP-3 rs1626521 with obesity and stomach functions in humans. Obesity (Silver Spring) 23:898-906.
    umans. Obesity (Silver Spring) 23:898-906.)
  • Dyrstad 2015 Abstract MiPschool London 2015  + (Activation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) regulates stemness and metabolic reprogramming in mammary epithelial cells.)
  • Pchelin 2018 IOC130  + (Activation of heterodimeric receptor to erythropoietin with its agonist CdEPO regulates brain mitochondrial bioenergetics after local acute ischemia/reperfusion in C57BL/6 mice.)
  • Acuna-Castroviejo 2012 Abstract Bioblast  + (Acuna-Castroviejo D (2012) Melatonin and the quality of life: the melatonin-mitochondrion connection. Mitochondr Physiol Network 17.12.)
  • Holloway 2014 Abstract MiP2014  + (Acute diet-induced insulin resistance is associated with increased adipose tissue mitochondrial ROS emissions.)