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A philosophical perspective and general aim

Contributed by Gnaiger E 2016-09-26
1. Define a common aim
  • What is the common aim for the group including participants and lecturers, and for the entire group beyond participants?
  • The common aim must be clearly understandable, familiar from other established areas, non-controversial.
  • Make it a challenge, generate motivation.

2. Give a historical perspective
  • Find the roots linked to the common aim.
  • Give the rationale why conventional aims did not match the common aim.
  • Define stepping stones available towards the common aim - this looks like a steep learning curve.

3. A change is necessary - difficult but possible
  • Fundamentals of quality control.
  • Basic concepts and applications: News.
  • Towards standardization: Reference protocols - state of the art.
  • Innovation for and beyond standardization.

4. At the beginning: This is really hard. - Finally: It is not that difficult - Yes, we can
  • Repeat and provide context.
  • Problem solving: make it an experience of success in action.
  • Discuss specific cases in view of the common aim.
  • Next steps and individual projects.
  • Economy of communication and collaboration: stay in touch.
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