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MiP2010 feedback

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Feedback MiP2010

  • Dear Erich: I would to thank you for the opportunity and to say that I really enjoyed the meeting! I really admire your way of doing "gentle science". I feel that we (maybe) could talk about MiP school in Brazil. Best wishes, Tatiana.
  • Dear Erich and Kathrin, I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the MiP 2010 meeting! I think it was wonderfully organized. The scientific presentations were of very high caliber and led to very interesting discussions. I learnt a lot from the presentations but also from the one on one discussions with all the scientists. The organization of the program allowed enough time for such informal discussions and the size of the groups made it possible to talk to almost everyone at the meeting. And of course, the FEBS support was very very helpful in making my trip. It was great meeting you there! I would like to remain in the loop when you plan more of such meetings. Thank you so much! -Anisha.
  • Hello Erich, Thank you very much for your greetings I received through Tomas Mracek. I red your book from MIP2010 and I was very impressed. You succeeded to collect a very good group of senior and young scientist, presenting very exiting data. If you have some extra copy I will be very hapy to have it, because there are many information that are very interesting also for many my friends around and I can use it also for my lectures for our students. With the best regards to you and your family, Zdenek.
  • Dear Kathrin! We are very happy to had visited MIP-2010. It was very usefull conference for us. And the organisation was exellent! We met many young collegues and got the chance to talk to people. We wish to go to the next MIP! Thank you very much for the organisation and your help with our visa! Best regards, Polina.
  • Dear Erich, I have very good memory about this amazing meeting! I've spent really interesting time there and I already miss it... I like very much the idea of MiP meeting, so I'll do my best to participate in next meetings :) Yes, I've returned to Moscow with some interesting ideas, full of energy - Yulia.
  • Dear Erich - Hi, I'm Hyoung Kyu a Korean participant in 2010 MIP. It is already 10 days passed after the Mip meeting, and I missed the meeting so much. It was my best conference ever! And I deeply appreciated you for your devotion that make this great conference. Every my colleague very envy me for the meeting. Best regards, Hyoung Kyu Kim.
  • Hi Erich and Kathrin, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend such an incredible conference! Lena Pernas.
  • Dear Kathrin, Thank you for the exelent organizing of Mip2010 conference. This meeting was very interesting and we have learnt a lot. Best regards, Joanna GΓ³ralska.
  • Dear Kathrin, Thank you again. The conference was really great. Best Boris.
  • Boris ChernyakHi Erich and Kathrin, Just wanted to congratulate you both on running and organising a fabulous meeting. The travel organisation was fantastic and I apprecite how difficult that must have been to acheive. As to the conference, the balance of talks and posters was great and also having a large group of young researchers was very comforting and less intimidating. The atmosphere was very relaxed and was as much a social event as well as a business event. The lab I come from isn't a predominately 'mitochondrial' lab therefore I returned homewith an enormous amount of useful information. Much to the delight of my supervisor! She was very impressed with my feed back and will certainly encourage any other students to attend this meeting. Congratulations again - and now the Austrian snow has arrived in Scotland! Many Thanks, Anne Marie Allen.
  • Dear Kathrin, Once again, many thanks for all the organization, which was indeed perfect! I forgot to put me on the list to get the password for Bioblast. Could I request this per email? All good wishes, Victoria.
  • Dear Erich and Katrin, thank you again for the stimulating meeting and the perfect organization. I went swimming in Naples as soon as I came back from the snow!!!! Franca Esposito.

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