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Oroboros Instruments

Schroecken AT, 2008 Apr 04-08. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC46.

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Oroboros (2008-04-04) Mitochondr Physiol Network

Abstract: O2k-International course on high-resolution respirometry. Schroecken, Voralberg, Austria; 2008 April 04-08.

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โ€ข O2k-Network Lab: AT_Innsbruck_Oroboros


ORO, IOC, 2008 

Team and guest tutors

Erich Gnaiger Gnaiger Erich, CEO, Oroboros Instruments and Medical University of Innsbruck, D. Swarovski Research Laboratory

Fasching Mario Fasching Mario, O2k-Network Lab: Oroboros Instruments

Kรถfler Simone, O2k-Network Lab: Oroboros Instruments

Helene Lemieux Lemieux Hรฉlรจne, O2k-Network Lab: CA Rimouski Blier PU

Scandurra Francesca M, O2k-Network Lab: Oroboros Instruments

Blier Pierre Blier Pierre U, O2k-Network Lab: CA Rimouski Blier PU

Boyle John, O2k-Network Lab: UK Leeds Peers C

Darveau Charles-A Darveau Charles-A, O2k-Network Lab: CA Ottawa Darveau CA

Rocher Christophe, O2k-Network Lab: FR Bordeaux Letellier T
Selman Colin, O2k-Network Lab: UK Aberdeen Selman C
Swerdlow Russell H, O2k-Network Lab: US KS Kansas City Swerdlow RH

Tepp Kersti Tepp Kersti, O2k-Network Lab: EE Tallinn Kaambre T, EE Tallinn Saks VA

Timohhina Natalja, O2k-Network Lab: EE Tallinn Kaambre T, EE Tallinn Saks VA
Tuvdendorj Demidmaa, O2k-Network Lab: US TX Galveston Tuvdendorj D


Participant Institution
Clarke Kieran J IE Dublin Porter RK: Trinity College of Dublin (IE)
De Palma Clara De Palma Clara IT Milan Clementi E: DIBIT-H San Raffaele Institute (IT)
Ehinger Johannes K SE Lund Elmer E: Lund University (SE)
Fiลกar Zdenฤ›k CZ Prague Fisar Z: Charles University in Prague (CZ)
Gรณmez Durรกn Aurora ES Zaragoza Ruiz-Pesini E: Universidad de Zaragoza (ES)
Kim Miseon Sookmyung Women's University (KR)
Koziel Rafal Koziel Rafal AT Innsbruck Jansen-Duerr P: University of Innsbruck (AT)
Latini Alexandra BR Florianapolis Latini A: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (BR)
Leadsham Jane UK Canterbury Gourlay CW: University of Kent (UK)
Morota Saori SE Lund Elmer E: Lund University (SE)
Onyango Isaac US KS Kansas City Swerdlow RH: University of Kansas School of Medicine Landon Center on Aging (US)
Paju Kalju Paju Kalju EE Tartu Paju K: University of Tartu (EE)
Pertuiset Claire FR Bordeaux Letellier T: Universitรฉ Victor Segalen Bordeaux (FR)
Schmidtke Peter DE Hamburg Singer D: Universitรคtsklinikum Eppendorf (DE)
Segalรฉs Dalmau Jessica ES Barcelona Zorzano A: Universitat de Barcelona (ES)


  • Great course, I enjoyed it very much and I have learnt really a lot...a special thankyou to all the staff, the best teaching team I have ever had!!...and Oroboros is a great instrument - I look forward to using it for my experiments!! - De Palma Clara, O2k-Network Lab: IT Milan Clementi E
  • .. thanks million for all your help with my travel arrangements and fun time during the course. ... the course was extremely informative and interesting from the scientific/oxygraph point as well. - Tuvdendorj Demidmaa, O2k-Network Lab: US TX Galveston Tuvdendorj D
  • Thank you again for this amazing weekend. I really and sincerely appreciated that at both levels, as a professional and a human experience. - Blier Pierre U, O2k-Network Lab: CA Rimouski Blier PU

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