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Mitochondrial Physiology - Historical Collection


The growing MiP-Collection aims at preserving scientific instruments that are of historical importance in the field of bioenergetics and mitochondrial physiology. The fast turnover of scientific equipment makes obsolete even comparatively recent instrumentation. The Oroboros O2k was the first commercial mitochondrial respirometer using a computer for data acquisition. Today, chart recorders are nearly forgotten. Due to limitations of storage space, unused scientific equipment is disposed of, despite its potential historical value. The disposal of some unique apparatus constitutes an irreversible loss to science and society, and to the continued appreciation of the foundations of our scientific discipline.

You may consider to make items of scientific historical interest in mitochondrial physiology available to the MiP-Collection. These items of the MiP-Collection may specifically include historically valuable

  • equipment and accessories,
  • books and symposium proceedings,
  • reprint collections,
  • pictures, slides, documents.

Abbreviation: MiP-Collection

Reference: MiP-Collection


MiPArt, History 


The MiP-Collection is a non-profit initiative. Presently, financial support is provided by Oroboros Instruments, and we seek a broad basis of support by scientists and experts. The MiP-Collection should become recognized and identified as a project of Educational Responsibility by specific scientific societies, health organisations, educational organisations, government and non-government organisations.

Please, contact us if you intend to contribute historically valuable items to the MiP-Collection and want to receive more information: Email: [email protected]