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Name Szab贸 Andrea, A. Prof., Dr.
Institution Institute of Surgical Research,

School of Medicine,

University of Szeged, HU

Address Szokefalvi-Nagy Bela street 6., 6720
City Szeged
Country Hungary
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab HU Szeged Boros M



Tanaka 2022 Cells2022Tanaka M, Szab贸 脕, Spekker E, Poly谩k H, T贸th F, V茅csei L (2022) Mitochondrial impairment: a common motif in neuropsychiatric presentation? The link to the tryptophan-kynurenine metabolic system. Cells 11:2607.
Tallosy 2021 Sci Rep2021Tall贸sy SP, Poles MZ, Rutai A, Fejes R, Juh谩sz L, Buri谩n K, S贸ki J, Szab贸 A, Boros M, Kaszaki J (2021) The microbial composition of the initial insult can predict the prognosis of experimental sepsis. Sci Rep 11:22772.
Poles 2021 Front Immunol2021Poles MZ, N谩szai A, Gul谩csi L, Czak贸 BL, G谩l KG, Glenz RJ, Dookhun D, Rutai A, Tall贸sy SP, Szab贸 A, L艖rinczi B, Szatm谩ri I, F眉l枚p F, V茅csei L, Boros M, Juh谩sz L, Kaszaki J (2021) Kynurenic acid and its synthetic derivatives protect against sepsis-associated neutrophil activation and brain mitochondrial dysfunction in rats. Front Immunol 12:717157.
Rutai 2019 Shock2019Rutai A, Fejes R, Juh谩sz L, Tall贸sy SP, Poles MZ, F枚ldesi I, M茅sz谩ros AT, Szab贸 A, Boros M, Kaszaki J (2019) Endothelin A and B receptors: Potential pargets for microcirculatory-mitochondrial therapy in experimental sepsis. Shock 54:87-95.
Rademann 2017 Oxid Med Cell Longev2017Rademann P, Weidinger A, Drechsler S, Meszaros A, Zipperle J, Jafarmadar M, Dumitrescu S, Hacobian A, Ungelenk L, R枚stel F, Kaszaki J, Szabo A, Skulachev VP, Bauer M, Bahrami S, Weis S, Kozlov AV, Osuchowski MF (2017) Mitochondria-targeted antioxidants SKQ1 and MitoTEMPO failed to exert a long-term beneficial effect in murine polymicrobial sepsis. Oxid Med Cell Longev 6412682.
Tuboly 2017 Sci Rep2017Tuboly E, Moln谩r R, T艖k茅s T, Tur谩nyi RN, Hartmann P, M茅sz谩ros AT, Strifler G, F枚ldesi I, Siska A, Szab贸 A, Moh谩csi 脕, Szab贸 G, Boros M (2017) Excessive alcohol consumption induces methane production in humans and rats. Sci Rep 7:7329.


Juhasz 2017 MiPschool Obergurgl2017
Juhasz L.jpg
Blockade of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors improves polymicrobial sepsis-evoked mitochondrial dysfunction in rats.
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