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Pure Appl Chem

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Journal title and website Pure and Applied Chemistry


Thompson 2006 Pure Appl ChemThompson M, Ellison SLR, Wood R (2006) The international harmonized protocol for the proficiency testing of analytical chemistry laboratories. Pure Appl Chem 78(1):145-196.2006Open Access
Gnaiger 1993 Pure Appl ChemGnaiger E (1993) Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of energy transformations. Pure Appl Chem 65:1983-2002. Open Access
Gustafsson 1993 Pure Appl ChemGustafsson L, Kemp R, Gnaiger E (1993) Preface: Calorimetry and thermodynamics of biological processes. Pure Appl Chem 65:IV.1993PAC Open Access
Bunnett 1988 Pure Appl ChemBunnett JF, Jones RAY (1988) Names for hydrogen atoms, ions, and groups, and for reactions involving them. Pure Appl Chem 60:1115-16.1988Open Access