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Chabi 2018 MiP2018
Chabi Beatrice
No abstract.
Garcia-Roves 2018 MiP2018b
Pablo Garcia-Roves
Generating mitochondrial respirometry reference values from permeabilized mouse soleus muscle fibers. Working Group 2 report. Garcia-Roves_Presentation
Chakrabarti 2018 MiP2018
Fatty acid binding protein 3 regulation of mitochondrial lipids - A strategy for exceptional longevity in the Pipistrelle bat.
Porter 2018 MiP2018a
Evidence of functional uncoupling protein 1 in the white adipose tissue of hypermetabolic humans.
Chicco 2018 MiP2018a
Adam J Chicco
Maternal aging increases granulosa cell mitochondrial ROS release and reduces oocyte OXPHOS-linked respiration: implications for embryo development.
Chicco 2018 MiP2018b
Adam J Chicco
Defective cardiolipin remodeling and cardiac mitochondrial dysfunction: supercomplexes or just complex?
Chicco 2018 MiP2018c
Adam J Chicco
Role of mitochondria in skeletal muscle acclimatization to high-altitude.
Chinopoulos 2018 MiP2018
Christos Chinopoulos
Exclusive neuronal expression of KGDHC-specific subunits in the adult human brain cortex despite pancellular protein lysine succinylation.
Doerrier 2018 MiP2018c
Carolina Doerrier
Inter-laboratory study on human permeabilized myofibers: effects of fiber preparation, respiration buffer, and blebbistatin on mitochondrial respiratory capacity and oxygen limitation.
Cizmarova 2018 MiP2018
Velika Beata
High-resolution respirometry of neuroblastoma SH-SY 5Y cell line.
Evinova 2018 MiP2018
High-resolution respirometry of neuroblastoma SH-SY 5Y cell line.
Clemensson 2018 MiP2018
Clemensson Laura
No abstract.
Wuest 2018 MiP2018b
Wuest Rob
The antibiotic doxycycline impairs cardiac mitochondrial and contractile function.
Nemec 2018 MiP2018
Michal Nemec
Aerobic/strength exercise intervention modulates skeletal muscle mitochondrial function in seniors.
Volska 2018 MiP2018
Kristina Volska
The mechanisms of long-chain acylcarnitine accumulation during ischemia.
Makarova 2018 MiP2018
Plasma concentrations of fatty acids and acylcarnitines as biomarkers for diagnosis of insulin resistance in adipose and muscle tissues.
Kuka 2018 MiP2018
The discovery of methyl-GBB - acylcarnitine lowering as an effective strategy to treat cardiometabolic diseases.
Dambrova 2018 MiP2018
L-Carnitine: from discovery to cardiometabolic risk markers.
Makrecka-Kuka 2018 MiP2018
Marina Makrecka-Kuka
Fatty acid oxidation in brain: from aging to ischemia and sepsis.
Stelfa 2018 MiP2018
Neuroprotective compound R-phenibut protects brain mitochondria against anoxia-reoxygenation damage in vitro.
Danhelovska 2018 MiP2018
The relevance of ACBD3 protein in energy metabolism in various cell lines. Danhelovska_Presentation
Arnould 2018 MiP2018a
Brucella-infected cells display a fragmentation of mitochondrial population: mechanisms and putative functional impact.
De Goede 2018 MiP2018
Timing of feeding behavior affects daily rhythms in body temperature and muscle mitochondrial metabolism.
Petit 2018 MiP2018
Patrice Petit
Decreasing cytosolic translation is beneficial to yeast and human Tafazzin-deficient cells with dirupted mitochondrial homeostasis (Barth syndrome cell model).
Olgar 2018 MiP2018
Yusuf Olgar
Mitochondria-targeted antioxidants in aging related functional changes in the heart and aorta: MitoTEMPO improves aged-cardiovascular performance. Olgar_Presentation
Arnould 2018 MiP2018b
A form of autophagy triggers lipolysis in 3T3-L1 adipocytes exposed to a mitochondrial uncoupling.
Aral 2018 MiP2018
Aral Cenk
Effects of melatonin treatment on LETM1 silenced mouse embryonic fibroblast cells.
Acuna-Castroviejo 2018 MiP2018
Dario Acuna-Castroviejo
Mitochondria, melatonin, and neuroinflammation in Parkinson's disease. Acuna-Castroviejo_Presentation
Shabalina 2018 MiP2018
Irina Shabalina
Elovl2-ablation leads to mitochondrial phospholipid remodeling and reduced oxidative phosphorylation capacity in mouse liver mitochondria.
Doerrier 2018 MiP2018b
Carolina Doerrier
Evaluation of anaplerotic pathways to avoid artefacts in respirometric measurement of fatty acid oxidation.
Doerrier 2018 MiP2018a
Carolina Anneliese Doerrier
Inter-laboratory harmonization of protocols for mitochondrial function evaluation in permeabilized muscle fibers.
Sobotka 2018 MiP2018
Ondrej Sobotka
Measurement of ROS production under hypoxia and unexpected methodological pitfalls of Amplex UltraRed assay.
Dubinin 2018 MiP2018
The effect of triclosan on the permeability of mitochondrial membranes and lecithin liposomes. Dubinin_Presentation
Belosludtsev 2018 MiP2018
Effect of bedaquiline and delamanid on the functions of rat liver mitochondria.
Tuncay 2018 MiP2018
Regulation of mitochondrial Zn2+ transporter ZIP7 effects sarco(endo)plasmic reticulum S(E)R-mitochondria coupling in hyperglycemia.
Dyson 2018 MiP2018
Alex Dyson
Therapeutic utility of sulphide donating thiometallates.
Avram 2018 MiP2018
Cell-permeable succinate bypasses statin-induced mitochondrial complex I inhibition in human platelets. Avram_Presentation
Escames 2018 MiP2018
Germaine Escames
Suppression of AKT/mTOR pathway and activation of mitophagy by melatonin via mitocondrial regulation in head and neck cancer. Escames_Presentation
Gumeni 2018 MiP2018
Disruption of mitochondria dynamics induces proteome instability and promotes ageing.
Genova 2018 MiP2018
Maria Luisa Genova
Respiratory supercomplexes: evidence for separate though interconnected compartments of Coenzyme Q10 in mammalian mitochondria.
Wuest 2018 MiP2018a
Wuest Rob
Reduction of acylcarnitines restores electrophysiological abnormalities in VLCAD deficient hiPSC-cardiomyocytes.
Porter 2018 MiP2018b
Skeletal muscle mitochondrial thermogenesis in hypermetabolic humans.
Garcia-Roves 2018 MiP2018a
Pablo Miguel Garcia-Roves
Mitochondrial signature and lifestyle modulation of metabolic plasticity.
Pereira da Silva Grilo da Silva 2018 MiP2018
Filomena Pereira da Silva Grilo da Silva
The unspecific effect of etomoxir on mitochondrial respiration.
Gnaiger 2018 MiP2018
Erich Gnaiger
Mitochondrial respiratory control by fuel substrates and specific inhibitors of respiratory enzymes: Building blocks of mitochondrial physiology Part 2.
Votion 2018 MiP2018
Dominique-Marie Votion
Functional diagnosis of mitochondrial defects in equine atypical myopathy and targeted mitochondrial therapy: a preliminary study.
Gorr 2018 MiP2018
Thomas A Gorr
Myoglobin outside of muscle: new roles of an "old protein".
Han 2018 MiP2018
Mitochondrial functional changes elicited by a single near-infrared (670nm) exposure. Han_Presentation
Kopitar-Jerala 2018 MiP2018
Cystatins, metabolism and neuro inflammation.
Inashkina 2018 MiP2018
No abstract.
Kidere 2018 MiP2018
Dita Kidere
Cytoplasmic hybrid cells as a model to characterize the effect of the mtDNA mutations on the OXPHOS system.
Jansone 2018 MiP2018
No abstract.
Ounpuu 2018 MiP2018
Lyudmila Ounpuu
Metabolic plasticity of cancer stem-like cells.
Kaambre 2018 MiP2018
Kaambre Tuuli
No abstract.
Keller 2018 MiP2018
Markus A Keller
The structural molecular diversity of mitochondrial cardiolipins.
Keppner 2018 MiP2018
Gloria Keppner
Effects of cryopreservation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
Klepinin 2018 MiP2018
No abstract.
Krako Jakovljevic 2018 MiP2018
Krako Jakovljevic Nina
Report on ECI, ITC and gender balance in COST Action MitoEAGLE.
Stankova 2018 MiP2018
Pavla Krivakova-Stankova
Impact of western diet on energy metabolism in mouse liver.
Laasmaa 2018 MiP2018
Introducing open source platform for primary kinetics data analysis. Laasmaa_Presentation