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Filter Set MgG / CaG

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Filter set MgG / CaG: Set of filters for the determination of concentraions of Mg2+ or Ca2+ with the fluorophores Magnesium green and Calcium green, respectively. These filters should be used together with Fluorescence-Sensor Blue or Smart Fluo-Sensor Blue. The filter set consists of 6 LED filters (round) and 6 photodiode filters (rectangular).

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Technical support

MgG excitation scan 1mA.png

Excitation spectrum obtained with the Fluorescence-Sensor Blue at 1mA current supply and equipped with the filter set for Magnesium greenยฎ / Calcium greenยฎ.
The spectra of excitation (LED filter: R59) and emission (photodiode filter: R21) can be found on the webpage of our supplier, ROSCO: (please select the filter numbers to download the specific data sheets).

Changing Filters:


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