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high-resolution terminology - matching measurements at high-resolution



Hyphenation is used to connect two words (compound words) or two parts of a word to clarify the meaning of a sentence. The same two words may be hyphenated or not depending on context. Hyphenation may present a problem when searching for a term such as 'Steady state'. It is helpful to write 'steady-state measurement', to clarify that the measurement is performed at steady state, rather than implying that a state measurement is steady. But this does not imply that hyphenation is applied to the 'measurement performed at steady state'. Thus, the key word is 'steady state'. Compound adjectives should be hyphenated (steady-state measurement), but if the compound adjective follows the term (measurement at steady state), hyphenation does not add any information and should be avoided. Find more examples and guidelines in the grammarly blog on Hyphen and in apastyle.apa.org.

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Examples on respiratory states and rates

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Some less clear examples
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MitoPedia concepts: Respiratory state, Respiratory control ratio 

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