Stirrer-Bar\white PVDF\15x6 mm

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Stirrer-Bar\white PVDF\15x6 mm

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Stirrer-Bar\white PVDF\15x6 mm, operated in the 2-mL O2k-chamber at constant stirring speed (standard is 750 rpm, or 12.5 Hz), to provide optimum mixing of the sample in the aqueous medium and ensure a stable signal of the polarographic oxygen sensor (OroboPOS) placed in a position of maximum current of the medium.

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Technical support

  • A "jumping" stirring bar problem is frequently caused by small particles sticking to the glass chamber, not the stirring bar itself.
  • A stirring bar rotating slowly or not smoothly, may indicate a “demagnetization” of the stirrer itself, caused by the contact with a strong magnet. Please keep the stirrer away from magnetic fields.
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