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The POS-Holder, made from blue POM, is screwed into the copper block of the O2k-Main Unit, guiding theguiding the POS to the 2-mL O2k-chamber, and keeping the SmartPOS/OroboPOS-Connector in a fixed position for sealing the O2k-chamber with the POS-Seal Tip. In addition, the POS-Holder fixes the O2k-Chamber in an accurate rotational position by pressing against the angular cut of the glass chamber.

Two units of this item are standard components mounted on the O2k-Main Unit.

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A damaged POS-Holder may cause medium to leak from the O2k-Chamber

  • The POS-Holder may be damaged:
  1. During chamber assembly, when fixing the chamber in a wrong rotational position with the O2k-Chamber Holder (from above) before the POS-Holder is fully inserted, and subsequently screwing tightly the POS-Holder (see center picture below).
  2. After fully unscrewing the POS-Holder and forcing during reassembly an improperly aligned holder into the thread of the O2k-Main Unit.
  • We recommend to check before any reassembly the mechanical integrity of the POS-Holder (see pictures below).
  • Left picture: brand new POS-Holder, no damage on the thread, no damage on the edge.
  • Center picture: used POS-Holder, almost no damage on the thread, the edge is slightly damaged.
  • Right picture: heavily used POS-Holder, the thread is slightly damaged, serious damage on the edge of the aperture.

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