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Development of a consistent nomenclature in mitochondrial physiology, in the spirit of Gentle Science

High-resolution terminology - matching measurements at high-resolution

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» MitoPedia: Terms and abbreviations - IUPAC guidelines are followed for general terms of physical chemistry[1],[2],[3], extended by concepts of mitochondrial physiology[4] and nonequilibrium thermodynamics[5].

MitoPedia: Concepts

» MitoPedia: MiP concepts
» MitoPedia: Respiratory states[4]
» MitoPedia: Respiratory control ratios[4]
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» MitoPedia: BEC - Bioenergetics Communications
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» Mitochondria and bioblasts: Made history

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Bioblast wiki

MitoPedia and Bioblast

The term MitoPedia expresses the link to Wikipedia. We use the MediaWiki software for generating a bottom-up database and glossaries. The 'Bioblast community' of mitochondrial experts is cordially invited to active participation - a vision that may develop further in the future. To make this possible, the Oroboros-team continues to work on the Bioblast website as an information synthase - in the spirit of Gentle Science and as a branch of the Oroboros Ecosystem. ~ Gnaiger Erich 09:20, 18 May 2014 (CEST)

MitoPedia - high-resolution terminology, matching measurements at high-resolution

MitoPedia term: Dihydro-orotate dehydrogenase - another respiratory Complex at the Q-junction.

» Respiratory control ratios beyond the RCR - coupling:

P-L control efficiency P-L control efficiency,

R-L control efficiency R-L control efficiency,

E-L coupling efficiency E-L coupling efficiency.

MitoPathways 2020

MitoPathways - The Blue Book

» HRR - high-resolution respirometry was established in 1995. This is the first comprehensive methodological summary: Control of mitochondrial and cellular respiration by oxygen. J Bioenerg Biomembr (1995)


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